It's like this:

Operation Aloha happened because a man - one Christopher Wray-McCann, a photographer by trade - imagined that it could.

Following months of scheming, he enlisted his closest musician friends - made during years of shooting live music on the road and at home in Los Angeles, CA - to drop their lives and their cell phones and hole up in tree houses in a quiet corner of paradise. The plan: bring instruments, microphones, just what could be carried in; then see what happens.

What happened was fantastic.

Inspired by jungle, ocean, and each other, and free from the constraints of their frenetic schedules and the expectations of their normal associations, the participants of Operation Aloha wrote and played and recorded for the better part of a month. They lived in very close quarters, cooked elaborate meals together, and reveled in the rare opportunity that good fortune had given them.

From the accumulation of hours and hours of recorded music, a record has been born.